Optika Optometrics / Alvin Lo Optometry
May 2020 Marketing Report

You can click on the links to get to your company listings/sites online
such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Yelp & more.
(This report isn't open to public that your web visitors won't see it.)


Here are some Facebook posts and
Facebook Ad status.

There are two Facebook accounts, 1 for Glendora, 1 for Hacienda Hts.
In the last 30 days, Optika Optometrics & Alvin Lo Optometry
have been seen more than 14,993 times on Facebook
and reached 7,160 people

We also host/join many Facebook groups where we share your posts and get organic reach regularly.
(Organic reach is usually better than the advertisement.)

Some people try to reach you via these Facebook accounts
Here are some examples

This month we also placed ads through Google &
your business has been seen for more than 54,000 times

Google My Business Sites
Here are some of the posts.
These data was linked directly to Google and can be found easily by people who search online.

(Note: People who search "Optika"
will see Optika Optometrics' Google My Business entry
on the right side of the search result.)


Business Hours are updated on both Yelp Accounts
(also on https://optika.io & Facebook accounts)


Yellow Page

There are more info on other online listings/platforms that are promoting your business......